All States Casters
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Serving the Following Industries: Bakery • Food Manufacturers • Pharmaceutical/Medical • Supermarket/Grocery


Load Weight

* What is the weight you need to move?
* Larger wheels are required for heavier loads. Roller or Ball bearings are needed to move loads over 400 pounds. On a four caster piece of equipment, divide the total weight by three to determine the load rating needed for each caster.

Floor Conditions

* Are your floors smooth or rough?
* Make sure your wheels are large enough to pass over cracks in the floor. A softer wheel moves more easily on rough floors or floors with debris. Polyurethane or rubber wheels will protect concrete, tile or carpet.

Operating Conditions

* Must your caster endure wet, acidic, oily or chemical conditions?
* If so, you need a stainless steel caster with the appropriate wheel.
* If carts are being towed by powered equipment, or being subjected to shock (rolling over docks, boards and in and out of trucks, for example), a heavier duty caster will be needed.

Extreme Climates

* Will your caster be in extreme heat or cold?
* Make sure what you select is rated to survive in such conditions.