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Serving the Following Industries: Bakery • Food Manufacturers • Pharmaceutical/Medical • Supermarket/Grocery

Stainless Steel & Ergonomic Caster Specialists

We are extremely proud of our reputation for consistently providing our customers with stainless steel and other high quality casters that roll easier and last longer than the standard casters generally available in the marketplace. With cumulative experience of over 75 years specifying and selling these value-added products that last for years and require little or no maintenance, our caster expertise is widely recognized, and we are frequently called upon to help solve some of the more difficult and vexing mobility problems. Below are few examples of our efforts working some very well-known Companies? Wal-Mart Stores

Wal-Mart SuperCenter

Discussions with managers of Wal-Mart SuperCenter in-store bakeries revealed a serious problem with high temperature casters on the oven racks which were rolled into 425 Deg F ovens. These casters were rusting and locking up, requiring replacement after only 6-9 months. To add insult to injury, these rusted casters were rattling & squeaking -producing obnoxiously loud noises that irritated the bakery employees greatly. We specified non-rusting stainless steel casters with hi temp wheels equipped with quiet teflon bushings that required no lubrication. These casters rolled much easier, more quietly, and needed no maintenance! Problem solved? Yes, but the icing on the cake (pun intended) is that these stainless casters last as long and the oven racks last - only the wheels have to be replaced about every 3 years! Annual dollar savings system-wide? Huge! Costco Warehouses

Abbott Labs / Hopira

Abbott Labs approached us to help them solve a vexing problem of moving heavily loaded stainless steel wire carts throughout the plant area. The carts were used to move bags of IV solution from bag processing/filling to the shipping docks, with loads of 15-1800 lbs per cart. These carts were equipped with standard casters, 5" diameter wheels with straight roller bearings, and employees were having extremely difficulty in getting the carts to start rolling. Abbott wanted to explore the possibility of acquiring powered tugs to pull or push these heavy carts, thereby eliminating the likelihood personal injury due to back, arm, and shoulder strain of affected personnel. After visiting with Abbott and observing the problem firsthand, instead of expensive tugs, we recommended some very high quality ergonomic casters with sealed precision ball bearings that would greatly improve the mobility of these carts. After some initial testing of carts with the new casters, Abbot made the decision to equip all 800 of their carts with our high quality casters. 15 years have passed since we helped Abbott solve this problem, and the majority of the casters installed at that time are still in use on those carts today! Problem solved - case closed!